N1TVI Repeaters


443.475  + CC1- N8NOD Network, This repeater is located in Thomspon, Ohio, Coverage of Geauga, Lake, Ashtabula, and some of Trumbull, Portage and Cuyahoga County. Sponsored Northeast Ohio Digital Communications Group   https://neodigital.cc/  

TG Local 2 is linked to Warrensville Heights and the Medina DMR Repeater.

N8NOD Dashboard:


THOMPSON DMR @ 330 ERP-*Note: this is predicted coverage. But, the computer is pretty damn close.*


443.3375 + 293 NAC,  Located in Painesville, Ohio, P-Star P25 Network, ,Will be soon linked to P25 in Downtown Cleveland.

Please Note: I will not tolerate ANY back stabbing, improper usage or edict on this repeater system. Also please use a mid to high tier P25 radio. We have ALOT of work, time and money into this system. It is open to all. If you or anyone violates the simple idea of HAM Radio you will be blocked from using the system. And the system will go to a closed system.


TG 50100 Local Wide Area, TG 10100 Worldwide, TG 10200 North America, TG 10201 NA TAC,  TG 10 Parrett, TG 9999 Disconnect.

Repeater Dashboard: